Support Envision Children

82% of the students who attend one of Envision Children's programs and services come from families who are financially below the federal poverty rate.  As a result there is a very heavy dependency upon scholarships to be able to receive the instruction they need to improve their academic performance. In the 2015-2016 academic year over 95% of all students received some type of financial aid and cumulatively this assistance accounted for over 80% of Envision Children's annual budget.

How Can You Help?

A.  Make an annual contribution to help Envision Children.  Below are examples of how your dollars are put to work for our students.

  • A $25 gift will provide workbooks for 3 students in our Extended Day Program.
  • A $45 gift will provide an hour of private tutoring for 1 student.
  • A $70 gift will provide a scholarship for 1 student to attend  a session of Power Saturdays. 
  • A $72 Gift will sponsor 1 student in our "Book of the Month Club" for one year.
  • A $150 gift will provide materials for 4 students to use in our Power Saturdays session.
  • A $350 gift will provide a full scholarship for 1 student to our ACT Boot Camp - Includes 2 Mock ACT Tests!
  • A $600 gift will provide a full scholarship for 1 student to our Extended Day Program - 70 Hours of Instruction!
  • A $1,200 gift will provide a full scholarship for 1 student to our Academic Summer Enrichment Program - 8 Weeks of Daily Instruction!

B. Help Fund One of Our Top 10 Needs

  • 1.  10 Laptop Computers - $450 Each
  • 2.  $500 Visa Card to Purchase Teaching Supplies
  • 3.  Four Portable Whiteboards - $200 Each
  • 4.  Development Software - $720
  • 5.  36 Student Bookbags with supplies - $45 Each
  • 6.  Six Chemistry Sets - $75 Each
  • 7.  Student Workbooks and Materials $850
  • 8.  Laser Printer for Organization - $650
  • 9.  Eight Lego Robotics Kits - $99 Each
  • 10. 25 Used Desktop Computers for Students

C. Help to underwrite the cost of one of our four core programs, or a class in one of our four core programs. To learn more about these options contact Matt Hughes at


All Credit Card Donations Are Final