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88% of the students who attend one of Envision Children's programs and services come from families who are financially below the federal poverty rate.  As a result there is a very heavy dependency upon scholarships to be able to receive the instruction they need to improve their academic performance. In the 2018-2019 academic year over 95% of all students received some type of financial aid and cumulatively this assistance accounted for over 80% of Envision Children's annual budget.

How Can You Help?

Make an annual contribution to help Envision Children.  Below are examples of how your dollars are put to work for our students.

  • A $25 gift will provide school supplies for 5 students.

  • A $45 gift will provide an hour of Private Tutoring for 1 student.

  • A $75 gift will provide a one-week scholarship to our Academic Summer Enrichment Program

  • A $125 gift will provide materials for 4 students to use in our After School STEM sessions.

    African American Families for Educational Excellence and Support a Child Memberships

  • A $300 gift will provide a quarter scholarship for 1 student

  • A $600 gift will provide a half scholarship for 1 student

  • A $1,200 gift will provide a full scholarship for 1 student

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