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Envision Children designs and delivers interactive, fun education programs that keep children connected to learning throughout the year.  We are committed to delivering that "extra push" children may need. Our programs support multiple facets of learning through individualized attention and strengths-based interactive activities.  Children who participate in our programs gain self-confidence and achieve measurable, increased academic success.  Each program is accessible to economically disadvantaged children through partial scholarships.

Catch Every Child

Catch Every Child is "proof-of-concept" initiative created in partnership with the Winton Woods City School District (WWSD).  It is a three-year project (2018-2020) designed to aggressively help students who have fallen behind academically.  Envision Children chose the WWSD because the demographics of the students in need matched up with the population EC focuses its attention on--economically disadvantaged  minority children.  

In September 2017 the WWSD identified 762 children in grades K-4 who were non-proficient in reading and/or mathematics.  Proficiency is determined by how a student scores on the Ohio Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Test. If you would like to know more about the MAP Test here is brief overview: MAP Test Info.  The two primary objectives of the Catch Every Child initiative are:

  • 85% of all students enrolled in the program will achieve proficiency at grade level, as measured by the Ohio MAP Test, in reading and math within three academic years.

  • 85% of all students enrolled in the program will achieve all A's and B's on their report cards within three academic years.

In order to achieve these two goals, Envision Children asks parents to enroll their children in two of its core programs--Extended Day Program (EDP) and the Academic Summer Enrichment Program (ASEP).  Admittance into the programs is voluntary and is not mandated by the WWSD. 

  • In the 2017-2018 school year, 191 students enrolled into the EDP. 24 students attended the Kindergarten Challenge. 41 students attended the ASEP and 24 students attended the Rockin' Robots Camp.

  • In the 2018-2019 school year, 167 students enrolled into the EDP. 32 students attended the Kindergarten Challenge 109 students attended the ASEP and 17 students attended Rockin’ Robots Camp. In addition 267 students participated in our new In Class Instruction program.

Core Programs

The Core Programs at Envision Children include" Academic Summer Enrichment Program (ASEP), Extended Day Program (EDP), Pump Up the STEM - STEM After School, Power Saturdays and Summer Rockin' Robots Summer STEM Camp, Kindergarten Challenge (KC), and our In Class Instruction Program.

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Private Tutoring

Wrapped around our core programs is a vibrant private tutoring program that assists students already receiving help in a small group setting to receive additional individualized attention and instruction.  Tutoring session run 60-90 minutes and are held 1-3 times weekly.

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