Power Saturdays


Filled with intensive and interactive activities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) the Power Saturdays program is designed to teach students subjects needed to be successful throughout their lives while cultivating the minds critical thinking skills. Oh year, and Power Saturdays is REALLY FUN TOO! 


In 2016-2017 Power Saturdays will be offered once during the school year and a second time in a week-long summer camp. New to the Power Saturdays program will be separate classes for 2nd - 3rd grades, 4th - 5th grades and 6th - 7th grades.

Students may choose to attend any one or all of the six sessions offered.  Individual sessions cost $70 per child and the whole Power Saturday's program runs $420.  Scholarships are available.  Each four-hour class offers targeted group and individualized instruction by a team of three instructors, assistants and volunteers. 

This six-week, 24-hour course is designed strengthen performance in STEM subjects throughout the academic year and to prepare students in grades 2-7 for standardized and proficiency testing.

 The upcoming six-week curriculum will include:

Session 1 - October 8, 2016

Plants (Roots, Stems, Leaf Systems, & Photosynthesis)
Measurement & Temperature
Session 2 - November 12, 2016  

Levers, Pulleys, & Ramps
Session 3 - December 10, 2016

Water Cycle & Weather
Inches, Miles & Conversions

Session 4 - January 14, 2017    

Forces: Newton's Law & Pressure
Fractions & Conversations
Session 5 - February 11, 2017

Geology (Plate Tectonics, Volcanoes, & Rocks)
Multiplication & Division of Decimals

Session 6 - March 11, 2017

Parallel & Series Circuits


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