Power Saturdays


Filled with intensive and interactive activities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) the Power Saturdays program is designed to teach students subjects needed to be successful throughout their lives while cultivating the minds critical thinking skills. Oh year, and Power Saturdays is REALLY FUN TOO! 




• Spring 2018 Power Saturday will be held Saturday, February 17
• Power Saturday will take place from 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM at Northern Kentucky University


• STEM Career Pathways incorporated throughout the day
• Emphasis on intellectual challenge through critical and creative thinking
• Environment that values creativity, diversity, entrepreneurship, and achievement
• Personal attention from talented and caring teachers. All teachers receive specialized training and ongoing support to help them meet the unique needs of participating youth.
• Small class sizes for caring, personalized, and differentiated instruction
• Power Saturday attracts a diverse group of students from all over the area! You will find friends who share your interests and love of learning!
• Classes are fun! Classes are interesting and interactive with a focus on transdisciplinary learning and technology integration.


• Registration is available before Friday, February 9, 2018.
• Registration is limited and is first-come, first-served. For the best selection register early.
• Tuition $70. Checks/Money Orders made payable to Envision Children.
Need-based scholarships are available. For scholarship information contact Jeff Jordan at jeff.jordan@envisionchildren.org or 513-772-5437).
• When registering, students select their top 4 breakout session choices. Placement will be in two of these selected choices.
• You will receive an emailed confirmation notice via email after all application materials are received. If you do not receive notice at least three days prior to the program, please call Envision Children (513-772-5437 option #3) to confirm breakout session assignments.
• The Power Saturday Program reserves the right to close or cancel prior or make any necessary schedule changes.
• For more information and questions contact Envision Children at 513-772-KIDS (5437) option #3 or jeff.jordan@envisionchildren.org.


• Full refunds, minus a $25 processing fee, may be given prior to February 9, 2018.
• No refunds will be made after February 9.
• Any child whose behavior disrupts the learning of others will be discontinued as a participant in the Envision Children Power Saturday program. There will be no refund of fees under these conditions.


• In case of inclement weather or any unforeseen emergency, Envision Children and the Power Saturday Program reserves the right to cancel.
• In the event of inclement weather, Envision Children will send an email to all participants. Refer to http://www.envisionchildren.org for weather-related announcements.


• All students enrolled in Envision Children Power Saturday Program and their parents/guardians grant permission to capture and/or record the participant’s name, image, likeness, persona, photograph, or voice, in any media and/or technology now known or later developed. Such use of name, image, likeness, persona, photograph, or voice can be used throughout the world for educational, commercial, trade, or any other lawful purpose.


9:00               Registration, Griffin Hall Lobby at Northern Kentucky University

9:30-9:45       Welcoming and Opening Remarks, Griffin Hall Digitorium (Room 201)

9:45-10:15     Opening Presentation

10:15-10:30   Break/Transition to Breakout Session #1

10:30-11:30   Breakout Session #1, Griffin Hall

11:30-12:00   Lunch, Griffin Hall

12:00-12:30   Campus Tours

12:30-1:30     Breakout Session #2, Griffin Hall (topics are repeated)

1:30               Dismissal, Parent Pick-Up from Griffin Hall at Northern Kentucky University


(Registration is limited to 12 students per breakout session topic)

Bridge Engineering Competition—We’ve all heard about the need for a new bridge connecting Kentucky and Ohio. Join this session to learn more about bridges and engineering. We will describe types of bridges and their differences. We will build bridges that will withstand building requirements. We will begin by asking questions like “what is a bridge? And “What are the types of bridges, and how are they different?” After construction is complete we will test each of our bridges. Then we will reflect and rebuild on how to make stronger bridges. Join us in this real-world engineering exploration!

Game Design Math—If you know anything about what makes today’s most popular video games work, it involves a lot of complex manipulations of 1s and 0s. However, may not have known that the math formulas you are learning right now are used by game designers to make Mario jump higher, allow Crash Bandicoot to drive straight or construct the cool building in the Lego games. Go behind the scenes and see how the professionals calculate a successful game.

Geology 101—Learn about the Mohrs Hardness Scale, test different rocks to see where they fall on the scale and help to solve the “Mystery of the Mixed-Up Minerals.” At the end of the day you will be able to prove you have brains and not rocks in your head. Haile Digital Planetarium—The Haile Planetarium is one of the hidden gems of Northern Kentucky University. Join this session to learn about astronomy, and the wider universe of the sciences reaching into literature, art, music, and beyond.

Hour of Code—Join us for this global movement that has reached millions of students in more than 180 countries. We will explore the basics of coding and explore the field of computer science. You will learn problem-solving skills, logic, and creativity in this hands-on session.

LEGO Robotics—Do you always wonder how things work? In this session, we will explore the ever changing world of robotics. Using the new LEGO NXT robots, we will build, program and test the function of various robots while using problem-solving and critical thinking strategies. You are only limited by your personal creativity.

Microcontrollers and Robotic Programming—In this highly interactive session, we will focus on how microcontrollers are being used all around us to program microwaves, vacuum cleaners, MP3 players and more. Join this session to learn about how these microcontrollers are implemented in virtually everything around us.

Ozobot Challenge—In this hands-on session, we will explore block coding and programming structures while using Ozobots. Learn practical applications of our new knowledge and discover how the bots at companies like Toyota and Amazon deliver goods and make for an improved workplace. Improve your problem solving, critical thinking, research skills, and collaborate with others in this amazing session.

Ski Jump Challenge—Can you adjust a ski ramp to get a marble to jump and hit a target 6 inches away? How about 12 inches away? How far can you get it to jump? In this challenge, you will work in groups to get a marble to roll down a swim noodle (that’s been cut in half) and launch into the air and hit a target at set distances. You will then make modifications to get the longest ski jump possible!

STEM BreakOut—Challenge your STEM problem solving skills to decipher the clues. You will work with your team to solve the mystery by unlocking a series of word, directional and number locks that are linked to challenges. Communication, teamwork, critical and creative thinking will be your tools for success.

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