Dayton VA, Christ Hospital and PBS -- Learning Center Options for Employee Children

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Welcome to Envision Children!  We are excited about the NEW partnership for Dayton VA, Christ Hospital & PBS and Envision Children.  Listed below are the services available to your family though your Employee Benefit Perks program at Christ Hospital.


Private Tutoring


Private tutoring services are available to students on a 1:1 basis.  Tutoring can be provided at all grade levels (Pre K -12th Grade) and in all subjects.  Tutoring sessions typically last 60-90 per session based upon student need and parental preference. As a parent, you will also dictate the frequency of the tutoring sessions, although we recommend at least once per week for the first month.  Tutoring sessions can help a student with homework, test preparation, project assistance or working on general knowledge improvement in a subject, as well as concentrated instruction for problem areas.

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You have the option of having Envision Children test your child at the start of the tutoring program.  This will enable us to determine how they are performing in one or more subjects which will allow us to better concentrate our tutoring services.  There is a charge for this test. It is not required for tutoring to take place.

All tutors working for Envision Children have completed a BCI/FBI background check and have been vetted through our hiring process.  We understand that every student-tutor match may not be the right fit.  If that is the case with your child, please let us know and will will review the situation and see if we need to replace the tutor to continue your services.

One Hour of Private Tutoring:  $45        Package of Private Tutoring (25 Hours): $956 (15% Discount)

Small Group Tutoring Programs

Kindergarten Challenge--Click on the link to learn more about the program.  Dayton VA, Christ Hospital and PBS employees may enroll their child in the program for $15 per session (a discount from the regular fee of $25 per session).

Power Saturdays—A STEM Program for 4th-8th Grade Students

 Looking for an activity for your student that is both fun and educational? Send them to Power Saturdays on the Northern Kentucky University campus. Envision Children is partnering with NKU’s Institute for Talent Development and Gifted Studies to offer a one-day STEM program for students in 4th-8th grades. Students will participate in several hands-on activities throughout the day including electives they choose based upon their area of interest. Tuition is $50 per child.

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