Extended Day Program


Envision Children’s Extended Day Program (EDP) is available to be utilized by a school districts to provide intensive and interactive 2nd and 3rd grade reading as well as 5th grade math instruction and assistance before and after the regular school day.  

EDP is a 69-hour program which runs from late September through mid-February.  EDP works with 50 students in a class where they are broken down into smaller groups and provided tutoring in their individual problem areas. 

School districts identify students at risk at the start of each academic year and direct them into the program.  Envision Children tests them again to see their proficiency level going into the EDP. Mid-program and post-program testing provide the district and Envision Children with benchmark results that measure the overall effectiveness of the EDP.  A team of four instructors, along with assistants and volunteers teaches the EDP through a series of learning stations designed to increase performance.



Become a Partner

Schools and school districts can reach us at info@envisionchildren.org or 513-772-KIDS (5437).