In 2009, the United Way of Greater Cincinnati published a document entitled the Agenda for Community Impact. An outgrowth of that document was the establishment in 2011 of six "bold goals" for the region to be achieved by the year 2020.  Two of those goals dealt with the students Envision Children serves.  They include:

1. By the year 2020 85% of children will be prepared by kindergarten. 

2. By the year 2020 85% of youth will graduate from high school prepared for the next step.

Envision Children enthusiastically supports these bold goals but it also believes that declaring success in reaching these goals must be celebrated by all families to ensure that we “Catch Every Child.”  Sadly in 2017 estimates show that while the overall region is surpassing both these goals, poor, African American boys and girls may be 20-30% points lower in progress toward achieving the goals.

Envision Children works with all children in the Cincinnati area who need help academically to get back on track in school and perform at or above their grade level.  However, the organization's focus over the next five years will be to assure that under-served children, in particular those families at or below the poverty level, have access to educational programs and initiatives which will allow them to be prepared for kindergarten and graduate from high school on time and prepared for the next step in life.

Envision Children engages students in real life, hands on learning where students can see how education benefits them through interactive and fun activities. We hope to engage students so dramatically that education becomes and remains a top priority in their lives. We want every child to move towards a positive future. Our programs support multiple facets of learning through individualized attention and strength based interactive activities.  Children who participate in our programs gain self-confidence and achieve measurable, increased academic success. Every program we design and deliver is interactive and fun, and we work closely with parents, teachers and school districts to customize our teaching strategies.