ACT Bootcamp

Envision Children’s ACT Bootcamp consists of five sessions of three-hour long classes, which mimics the three hour length of the actual ACT.  The pre-assessment is a “retired” ACT test, which is used to thoroughly familiarize students with the kind of test they will take.  Then, students and instructors review the pre-assessment together. The students receive test-taking tips and strategies, as well as additional practice examples and help.


What sets our ACT preparation apart from others is that we individualize the process.  We find out what college(s) each student wants to attend and the ACT score is required for acceptance.  Based on the students’ strengths and weaknesses, our staff formulates a success strategy to achieve the score needed. In this way, students see how their success on the ACT directly affects their future plans.

Students are monitored throughout the process to see if they are retaining what they have been taught.  And, we follow up with a post-assessment test to see how much our students have learned, and how much their scores have improved.

What does it include?

  • Pre-assessment
  • Focused review of the math, reading, english and science sections of the test
  • Test-taking tips
  • Strategies
  • Practice examples
  • Post-assessment

Student Results 2015-2016